Hasami Ware Chopstick Rest: 5-Piece Set


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Hasami Ware Chopstick Rest: 5-Piece Set
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Hasami-yaki (Hasami ware) is a type of Japanese pottery from Hasami in the Nagasaki prefecture. Its history dates back to the Edo period 400 years ago, but the ceramic pieces are still popular today. These delicate chopstick rests are handmade using authentic techniques. The matte texture and traditional colors represent the beautiful natural scenery throughout Japan. A perfect accompaniment to any meal to keep both your table and chopsticks clean.

About The Maker

Yamashita Toen crafts Hasami ware pottery, a traditional craft of Nagasaki. Unlike modern-day factories, most items are made in-house by hand so the craftspeople are able to enjoy, value, and better their work continuously. Yamashita Toen works under the management philosophy that “creating unprecedented value in the world of ceramics by pursuing manufacturing that only we can do and the joy of manufacturing."


  • Size: Height: 8.0mm (0.31") Width: 55mm (2.16") Depth: 10mm (0.39")
  • Materials: Ceramic, Hasamiyaki
  • Made in Japan
  • Please avoid direct sunlight
  • Products are handmade, so slight variations may occur

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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