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Genmaicha Tea with Matcha Powder(10 Tea Bags)


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Genmaicha Tea with Matcha Powder(10 Tea Bags)
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This tea blends genmaicha and matcha for a delicious flavor that has both warm and fresh notes. Genmaicha is a green tea blended with popped rice grains that add a nutty savoriness to every cup. This genmaicha uses ichibancha or first-flush green tea that has been deep-steamed for a bolder, richer flavor. The addition of matcha powder brings out the deep fresh flavor green tea is loved for and complements the flavor of the rice for a great daily tea. 

Brewing Instructions:

Steep the tea bag in hot water for 30 seconds or to taste.



  • Product of Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Common Allergens: None
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free
  • 1 Tea Canister(10 Tea Bags)

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