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Nakajima Taishodo

Nakajima Taishodo Gift Box: Japanese Baked Goods (25 Pieces, 6 Flavors)

$48.00 $60.00

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Minimum Quantity 3
Nakajima Taishodo Gift Box: Japanese Baked Goods (25 Pieces, 6 Flavors)
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Nakajima Taishoda creates delicious Japanese baked goods that skillfully combine Japanese tradition with Western patisserie. Included in this gift box of cakes and cookies is an assortment of 6 sweets:

  • Black Sesame Cookie: A mildly sweet cookie with rich and nutty black sesame
  • Matcha Cake: Elegant and bittersweet Uji Matcha and mellow white chocolate delicately flavor this classic cake
  • Sweet Potato Galette: Flavored and shaped to look like Japanese naruto kintoki sweet potatoes.
  • Honey Castella Cake: A soft and fluffy sponge cake sweetened with honey
  • Walnut Red Bean Pie: This hand pie has a flaky crust filled with smooth walnut red bean paste
  • Chestnut Cake: This soft cake slice has chestnuts baked within the batter, and is sprinkled with cookie crumbs

  • Product of Osaka
  • Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Tree nuts, Wheat, Soy, Sesame
  • Also contains: Alcohol
  • Vegetarian
  • 1 Box (25 Pieces, 6 Flavors)

Meet the Maker

Get to know Nakajima Taishodo, an Osaka-based confectionary. This Japanese snack maker has been baking sweets since 1912, combining the best of western pastry and Japanese flavor.

Meet Japanese Snack Maker Nakajima Taishodo

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