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Makers Gift Boxes

These Japanese gift boxes are curated by some of our closest maker partners like Honma Anpan, Senbei Lab, Daimonji Ame Honpo, and more. They're crafted to highlight a range of their snacks - some of which can't be purchased individually anywhere else, not even on our Bokksu Boutique! These high-quality snack boxes make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day, and more. A special person deserves a special gift, no? With beautiful packaging and delicious snacks, you'll be choosing a gift they'll never forget!
Yoshino Kuzu Mochi (2 Flavors, 9 Pieces)
- +
Shiroi Koibito: White + Black (24 Pieces)
- +
Fuubian Gift Box: Langue De Chat Cookies (20 Pieces, 4 Flavors)
$40.00 $50.00
- +
Shimizu White Peach & White Peach Jelly (6 Pieces, 2 Flavors)
- +
Warabi Mochi Gift Set (Matcha, Hojicha, Brown Sugar, Plain)
- +
Honma Gift Box: Tsukisamu Anpan Sampler (5 Pieces, 5 Flavors)
- +
Seasonal Fruit Jelly Assortment (6 Flavors, 6 Packs)
- +
Fruit Juice Candy (6 Flavors, 6 Packs+ Mini Bag)
- +
Patisserie Baumkuchen Gift Set (12 Pieces, 3 Flavors)
- +