Mashikoyaki Tea Cup



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Mashikoyaki Tea Cup
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Your tea time just got more beautiful with this ceramic cup, which is perfect for sipping matcha or even as a mini bowl for snacks. Go for a matching cup and saucer set by pairing it with our Mashikoyaki Small Plate. This cup was crafted by Tsukamoto, a 157-year-old kamamoto (pottery) maker based in Mashiko-cho, Tochigi. Tsukamoto is a master of the Edo Period mashikoyaki pottery style. The pottery’s clay is full of iron and silicic acid, which makes the cup easy to hold and gives it its rustic feel.


  • Size: Diameter: 80mm (3.14") Height: 65mm (2.55")
  • Materials: Ceramic, Mashikoyaki
  • Microwave safe
  • While dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended
  • Made in Japan

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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