Nakajima Taishodo

Orange Stick Cake

This cake from Nakajima Taishodo is delightfully tart and full of natural flavor. It is light, fluffy, and flavored with orange inside and out making it delicately airy and moist. The real orange slices baked on top give it a classy look and delightfully zingy freshness perfect for summer.


  • Product of Osaka
  • Common Allergens:Milk,Eggs,Wheat
  • Also Contains:Alcohol
  • Vegetarian
  • 1 Piece

Meet the Maker

Get to know Nakajima Taishodo, an Osaka-based confectionary. This Japanese snack maker has been baking sweets since 1912, combining the best of western pastry and Japanese flavor.

Meet Japanese Snack Maker Nakajima Taishodo

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