Japanese Soup

Soup is considered to be one of the foundations of Japanese food. For example, it’s believed that over 75% of Japanese people consume miso soup every day. Whether it be the addition of aosa (sea lettuce) from Ise Bay or shijimi (clams) from Lake Shinji, miso soup has many variations to reflect the food culture of each Japanese region, and we are excited to be sharing some with you! Additionally, our Pochage tea-flavored soup and Awajishima onion soup are a must-try for any soup lover. Enjoy these light and flavorful soups for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Kinoko Miso Soup (10 Packs)


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Tamago Miso Soup (10 Packs)


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Miso Soup With Fried Eggplant (10 Packs)


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