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Japanese Senbei Rice Crackers

Senbei is a traditional Japanese treat that is best described as baked rice cake cookies or crackers. To create these tasty snacks, rice flour is mixed with cooked rice, oil and salt. This is the most basic version of the recipe as many people add other savory ingredients to spice up these senbei cookies. As opposed to typical American cookies, senbei is intended to be a savory snack that is available in flavors like soy sauce and ebi (shrimp), red pepper or sesame. Here at Bokksu, we have an array of delicious senbei cookie options including an oil, vinegar and herb, black sesame and, for the adventurous eater, wasabi. Bite into this traditional Japanese snack while sipping on a warm mug of green tea for a real taste of Japanese culture.
Edamame Senbei (1 Piece)
- +
Black Sesame Taiko: Kumamon Design (10 Pieces)
- +
Otona no Otsumami: Ebi Crunch (5 Packs)
- +
Happy Turn: Takoyaki Sauce (10 Bags)
- +