Sakura Mochi Mochi Bundle (5 Pieces, 4 Flavors)

Sakura Mochi Mochi Bundle (5 Pieces, 4 Flavors)

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During sakura season in Kyoto, mochi is one of the most popular treats to enjoy while walking under the cherry blossoms. Lucky for you, there’s no need to buy plane tickets to enjoy the taste of spring. This springtime mochi bundle includes four flavors of sakura mochi made in Kyoto for you to taste.

Your Sakura Mochi Mochi Bundle Includes:

  1. Sakura Warabi Mochi x 1 Piece: This warabi mochi is made with chopped sakura petals and white bean paste to create a harmoniously light, sweet, fragrant, and chewy bite. Sakura pink and dusted with soybean flour, you are sure to fall in love with this seasonal wagashi.

  2. Sakura Dango Mochi x 1 Piece: This bite-sized sakura mochi is cute, sweet, and floral. It has become such a popular gift in the Kyoto area that maker Kyomachiya Chabo Sozen's sells around 1,000 pieces a day at its Kyoto station store.

  3. Sakura Habutae Mochi x 2 Packs: This habutae mochi - known for being delicate, smooth, and chewy - boasts a cute cherry color and a lightly sweet homemade filling of anko (red bean paste) kneaded with sakura leaves.

  4. Sakura Mochi x 1 Pack: Sakura-flavored mochi is lightly sweet, floral, and a classic chewy snack that’s perfect for enjoying on a warm spring day.
Please enjoy consuming this product using the wooden skewer that holds the Mochi together! But of course, exercise caution because like a toothpick, the skewer may have a sharp point and should not be consumed along with the Mochi! Always remove the skewer if serving to a child.

  • Product of Japan
  • Common Allergens: Soy
  • Also Contains: Alcohol
  • Gluten-Free
  • 1 Pack (5 Pieces, 4 Flavors)

DISCLAIMER: Note that the common allergens and dietary restrictions listed here are directly translated from the packaging as reference; we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain allergens/animal products in the items so please consume them at your own risk with careful attention to any personal health concerns.

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