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Japanese Cookies & Biscuits

Everyone loves sinking their teeth into their first delicious bite of a soft, warm cookie. If you’re a mega-fan of cookies in all their delectable varieties, you’re sure to love Bokksu’s selection of Japanese sweets including a combination of sweet and savory cookies. We have dozens of unique cookie flavors like white chocolate raspberry, mint chocolate, apple caramel and maple butter. Keep in mind though that in Japan, cookies are not always a sweet treat. Sometimes, traditional cookies are made to provide a more savory flavor, which is why we offer a few types of cookies that have been baked with cheese including camembert and mascarpone. The salt and camembert cookies are a perfect midday snack when you’re not looking for something too sugary. Check out our Japanese sweets boutique to find even more delectable snacks!
Country Ma’am: Matcha Chocolate (14 Pieces)
$4.00 $8.00
- +
Uji Matcha Waffle Cookie (1 Piece)
$2.10 $3.00
- +
Furano Melon Cookie (50 Pieces)
$67.50 $75.00
- +
Ohita Kabosu Langue de Chat (15 Pieces)
- +
Natsu Mikan Waffle Sand Cookie (12 Pieces)
- +