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Muromachi Glass Art

Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Kougiku Kinaka Cup


Only 2 left!

Minimum Quantity 3
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Kougiku Kinaka Cup
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Edo Kiriko is a traditional Japanese art of cut glass that originated in Tokyo toward the end of the Edo Period, characterized by colorful gut designs. The name kougiku combines the characters for "light" and "chrysanthemum", inspired by the way the light shines through the petal-like design.

This item was made by Kei Hosokoji who belongs to Glass Studio Saiho and is a certified Japanese Traditional Craftsman.

Like all Edo Kiriko glassware, it is as much a work of art as it is a piece of tableware. This design is also available in blue, "Kougiku Ruri".

Please Note:

  • Due to this product's high value, customs duty and VAT may be incurred.
  • We will pack this valuable, fragile product with great care. However, we are not responsible for damage caused during shipping.
  • Because these glasses are handcrafted one-by-one, once they sell out, it takes about 1 month to craft another one and restock.

  • Size: Height: 61mm (2.40") Diameter: 88mm (3.46") Max Diameter: 96mm (3.78")
  • Materials: Glass
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Hand washing is recommended

This item is handcrafted by a craftsman in Japan

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