December '17 Bokksu: Modern Kyoto モダン京都

December 2017 Modern Kyoto Bokksu

In contrast to Tokyo's seemingly endless horizon of skyscrapers, Kyoto’s cityscape is steeped in rich history. The craftsmen of Kyoto are renowned for their attention to detail and near-ceremonial reverence for their craft whether it be weaving intricate kimonos or creating artisanal foods. This historic UNESCO World Heritage city skillfully balances a sense of modernity while preserving its old ways. Many people see Kyoto as the paragon of ancient Japan due to its long history, centuries-old architecture, and emphasis on traditional arts. While those points are certainly true, Kyoto also has many modern and innovative facets. From gleaming Kyoto Tower to futuristically designed Kyoto Station, the city is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional. Last December, we transported you to the thousand-year-old capital through their traditional snacks and teas. This month, we have curated delicious snacks of Kyoto that have harmonized traditional flavors with a modern twist!

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