The Matcha Box

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The Matcha Box
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Do you love Matcha? Then this is a Matcha made in heaven! This snack box includes our best Matcha products yet! Try the two different matcha flavored Kit Kat to one of our top rated snacks, the Kyoto Matcha Waffle.

 The Matcha snacks includes:

  • Matcha Chocolate Stick Cake (1 Piece) X 2
  • Kyoto Matcha Waffle Sandwich (12 Pieces) X 1
  • Uji Matcha Au Lait (5 Sticks) X 1
  • Chocolate Azuki Beans: Uji Matcha (8 Packs) X 1
  • Japanese Kit Kat: Matcha Tiramisu (12 Pieces)  X 1
  • Japanese Kit Kat: Matcha Otona No Amasa (14 Pieces) X 1
  • Natural Yeast Bread: Uji Matcha (1 Piece) X 2

It can't get matcha better than this.

Important: Japanese Kit Kat: Dark Matcha Otona No Amasa (13 Pieces) is swapped out for Japanese Kit Kat: Matcha Tiramisu (12 Pieces).

If you have ordered before May 5th 12:50PM ET you will be getting the Dark Matcha Otona No Amasa. 

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