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Maple Butter Cookie (18 Pieces)


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Maple Butter Cookie (18 Pieces)
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Buttery and full of maple flavor, this langue de chat cookie is filled with sweet vanilla cream and white chocolate that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Langue de chat literally means "Cat's Tongue" in French and gets its namesake from its original shape that resembles the tongue of a cat. In Japan, however, it is commonly baked into a square butter cookie with a white chocolate filling.

Please Note: If temperatures in your location are above 28°C (82°F), this chocolate product may get heat damaged in transit. We cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related damages caused during shipping.


  • Product of Tokyo
  • Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy
  • Vegetarian
  • 1 Box (18 Pieces)

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