October Sneak Peek: Persimmon Monaka 柿もなか

October Sneak Peek: Persimmon Monaka 柿もなか

When people here in the States think about autumn foods, the first thing that comes to mind for most is pumpkin. However, pumpkin in Japan (kabocha) is actually a late summer vegetable and not typically associated with autumn. So which foods do Japanese people crave when they think of hearty autumn eating? As referenced in the previous post "7 Best Autumn Foods in Japan", there are many mouthwatering options, but the one food that is quintessential to autumn in Japan is the sweet and tangy Persimmon.


Therefore, in order to bring you an authentic taste of autumn in Japan, we sourced the most delicious persimmon snack we could find directly from a local snack producer called Ishii Bussan (石井物産) in Nara Prefecture. I'm thrilled to present this month's Autumn Appetite sneak peek:

Persimmon Monaka
Persimmon Monaka

Persimmon is a sweet and slightly tangy fruit that originated in China thousands of years ago and has been grown in Japan for over 1300 years. Monaka is a traditional Japanese dessert commonly made of azuki red bean filling sandwiched between two crisp mochi-based wafers. Instead of red bean, this Persimmon Monaka is stuffed with a delightfully delicious mixture of sweet persimmon and citrusy yuzu.

Persimmon Monaka Tea

Happy snacking!

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