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by Danny Taing July 23, 2018


Starting August 1st, Tasting Bokksu is getting an upgrade! What does this mean for you?


More snacks every month!

We've heard your feedback and know that you want more in Tasting Bokksu. That's why now every Tasting Bokksu will have more snacks and tea! Each month will increase to 10-14 snacks & teas and is guaranteed to have at least 1 of every product. 


Is this different from the current Tasting Bokksu?

In order to make this possible and continue delivering the same quality you deserve, all Tasting Bokksu orders and renewals beginning August 1st will be $25 USD/Month.


How does this affect my Tasting Bokksu subscription? Do I need to do anything?

Your Tasting Bokksu subscription will renew automatically as usual. Beginning August 1st, your Monthly subscription will renew at $25 USD, and your first upgraded Tasting Bokksu will be delivered to you in September.


I have a multi-month Tasting Bokksu subscription, but it doesn't renew in August.

If you have prepaid months remaining in your multi-month subscription, these changes won't affect you until your next paid renewal. And as always, the more months you prepay, the more you save on each month's box!


If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to us at

Danny Taing
Danny Taing

Danny is the Founder of Bokksu, which is the culmination of his passions for delicious foods and Japanese culture. He spent four years living and working in Japan, where he often traveled to different regions and tried as many local snacks as he could find.

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Danny Taing
Danny Taing

August 10, 2018

Thank you for your feedback, Marjorie. Tasting Bokksu Members have been asking to receive the full assortment for a while now, which is why we decided to go ahead with the upgrade, but we also understand that the price increase might be tough for some.

And yes, you can always buy individual snacks on our Bokksu Market here :)

Marjorie Zimmerman
Marjorie Zimmerman

August 10, 2018

I will have to consider this. I did not really want to subscribe for over $20 each month, that is why I chose the Tasting Bokksu. I am enjoying the snacks but this price point might not make sense for me. Can I buy individual boxes or snacks instead?

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