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Bokksu Vs. Tokyo Treat: Which Japanese Snack Box Reigns Supreme?

Bokksu Vs. Tokyo Treat: Which Japanese Snack Box Reigns Supreme?

Only one can be the winner in the battle of Tokyo Treat and Bokksu Market's Japanese subscription boxes! If you're looking to decide between these two options, you'll want to read on. Below, you'll find the differences and what each offers. Here's why you will want to choose Bokksu for the best Japanese snack boxes instead of Tokyo Treat!

Number of Items

Tokyo Treat boasts the most items delivered in each box. However, they note that they only include 15-20 items per box. While this number is significant, it’s not quite as many as Bokksu.

Bokksu Market’s Japanese snack subscription box carries 20-24 items, with most boxes averaging 22 items. Who doesn’t love extra products – especially when it comes to delicious Japanese sweets and Japanese snacks?

Delivery Time

There's quite a substantial difference when comparing Tokyo Treat's shipping time with Bokksu Market. Tokyo Treat offers a 2-14 day shipping time for their quickest method, with their slowest shipping time extending up to 90 days.

In comparison, Bokksu Market typically delivers Japanese snack boxes within five business days once processed. Depending on shipping delays due to weather or other extenuating circumstances, shipping may take up to six weeks.


At first glance, you would think that the Tokyo Treat Japan crate options provide cheaper monthly subscription boxes. Their most affordable purchase package averages out to $32.50 per month. This package requires payment upfront for a full year. However, this does not include shipping costs that range from $10-$12. When adding this cost in, it’s pricier to purchase Tokyo Treat each month.
In comparison, Bokksu Market offers options for one, three, six, and twelve months. When purchasing a 12-month subscription, the pricing is $39.50 per month. This pricing includes free shipping for most countries. Those not covered with the free shipping option are noted for full pricing transparency.

Japanese Snacks Quality

The items found in each Tokyo Treat box are typically lower-priced. These are mainstream snacks and sodas found in corner grocery stores in Japan. When receiving a Tokyo Treat subscription box, you typically receive less bang for your buck with mass-produced items.

Bokksu Market's subscription includes premium Japanese treats with each delivery. Items are sourced from local vendors, ensuring that each artisanal item is the best. You may be surprised to find out that some of these vendors have been crafting their snacks for 200+ years! That means you're getting high-quality, premium snacks in each Japanese snack box.

Included Items

Tokyo Treat features Japanese snacks, sweets, and a soda or soft drink. These snacks are tasty, though they are typically generic Japanese foods that you can find in most Asian grocery stores. You may even be able to find some of the items in the Asian aisle of your local grocery store.

Bokksu's Japanese snack box features authentic Japanese snacks that are limited edition, like exclusive Japanese candies and savory snacks. These traditional treats are not commonly found in local grocery stores. Instead, Bokksu prides itself on working with local Japanese vendors to source each tasty snack in every Japan box. With each box, you're receiving food items directly from Japan.

Plus, instead of a mainstream soda, your subscription box includes authentic tea that pairs perfectly with your Bokksu snacks.

Ding, ding, ding! It sounds like there's a clear winner for the best Japanese snack box! If you're looking for additional authentic snacks, the Bokksu Marketplace has items not included in the subscription boxes. These items range from Japanese candy and Japan candy box options to instant noodles with fun flavors.

If you have dietary needs, you can also search Bokksu Market for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items with ease. See what kind of treasures you can find on Bokksu Market!

By Krystina Quintana

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