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Bokksu Vs. Sakuraco: Which Is The Best Japanese Snack Box?

Bokksu Vs. Sakuraco: Which Is The Best Japanese Snack Box?

There has been a debate over whether Bokksu or Sakuraco is the best Japanese snack box available. Below, you’ll find what each Japanese snack subscription box offers and why you should choose Bokksu!

Bokksu Vs. Sakuraco: Which Is The Best Japanese Snack Box?

Japanese Snack Box Pricing

Sakuraco offers various options, from a one-time purchase of their subscription box to an annual subscription billed every three months, six months, or once per year. While their pricing appears to be lower, it is not transparent as they tack on an additional $12.50 for shipping.

Bokksu is proud to offer straightforward pricing, including free shipping for standard subscription boxes to most countries. We're transparent about which countries will have additional shipping fees and what those shipping fees look like, so you will know what to expect during billing. We also provide payment options, including a one-time purchase, monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual billing choices.

Items Received Per Box

Sakuraco provides customers with 20 items split between Japanese snacks and tableware each month. Bokksu offers 22 items each month, including Japanese candy, savory Japanese snacks, and curated tea. Each Bokksu box also includes a detailed guide on enjoying and using your newly received Japanese treats.

Delivery Time

Sakuraco offers multiple shipping methods, their quickest being 3-5 business days. However, their longest shipping timeline is up to 90 days for Surface Mail.

In comparison, Bokksu delivers subscription boxes within five business days (once shipped) to US customers. Shipping outside the country can be extended up to six weeks, depending on the chosen shipping method.

Customer Service

When searching for customer support on Sakuraco, there is a long list of FAQs answered which is helpful. However, the only way to personally contact support is through an email request with 48-72 hours lead time.

While Bokksu also offers a contact option to submit a query through the website, we also provide a live chat during business hours. That means we'll get to your query quicker, so you won’t have to wait a few days for a response. We also have a happiness guarantee as we understand shipping issues happen.

What’s Included in Each Box?

Sakuraco provides tableware that can easily be found in most stores in each subscription box, like mass-produced bowls. This provides an experience that is lacking and not authentic to the craftmanship of tableware found in Japan.

On the other hand, Bokksu provides hand-picked authentic Japanese snacks and tea sourced from local snack makers in Asia. Each subscription box revolves around a cultural theme, with the initial box being the "Seasons of Japan" offering. This box includes tasty Japanese sweets, savory foods, and tea that aligns with the best options from Japan through the four seasons.

Vegetarian Offerings

There are only a few vegetarian-friendly items when receiving a snack box from Sakuraco. While Bokksu cannot guarantee that snack boxes will have vegetarian items inside, we have curated a long list of vegetarian-friendly options that you can purchase directly from Bokksu Market. This option allows for more inclusion in your snacking department.

Who Came Up With It First?

Bokksu proudly notes itself as the original authentic Japanese snack subscription box. We've been around for quite a while and helped pave the way for other snack subscription boxes like Sakuraco.

Check out Bokksu for your next Japanese snack box! Opt in for a curated subscription box like the above. Fulfill your Japanese snack box needs with Bokksu

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