Best Japanese Mochi Snacks of 2020

Best Japanese Mochi Snacks of 2020

Mochi is an iconic, sometimes ceremonial, Japanese food. Although traditional mochi are typically small, round rice cakes made from pounded glutinous rice, modern interpretations incorporate a wide array of flavors and ingredients.

Here at Bokksu, we offer a variety of mochi-inspired snacks, featuring regionally and seasonally inspired flavors while introducing new additions and bringing back old favorites. And so, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the past year of snacks and share some of the highlights.

From this year's best sellers to our personal favorites and a few new discoveries, check out this list for a round-up of our most popular Japanese mochi that we enjoyed in 2020.

Fuijya Nectar Peach Mochi

Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi

This cute marshmallow mochi—which also vaguely resembles a peach—is filled with delicious peach jelly. Fujiya’s Nectar Peach Mochi is made using real peach puree, packing the snack with natural fruit flavor.

Bokksu members love this mochi for its perfect balance of sweet, peachy flavor and soft, chewy texture. We especially love this mochi in the spring and summer, paired with a glass of chilled green tea.

Mochi Mochi Chocolate: Mont Blanc

This mochi is a Japanese twist on a French pastry. A traditional Mont Blanc is a dessert made from chestnut puree, served in the form of pasta, and typically topped with whipped cream.

The soft, chewy exterior of this mochi is filled with a rich, decadent puree made from chocolate and chestnuts. Mochi Mochi Chocolate: Mont Blanc is the perfect treat for the fall or winter. This snack also contains some alcohol, so please enjoy it responsibly.

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Matcha Chocolate Daifuku Mochi

This Japanese treat is a type of daifuku or stuffed mochi. The dough used to make the exterior of Matcha Chocolate Daifuku Mochi is flavored with green tea matcha powder, making it a pretty green color while imparting some iconic matcha flavor.

These mochi are also filled with a silky white chocolate cream, making it a true stuffed mochi. We love the balance of white chocolate and matcha—and so this mochi gets an A+ in our book.

Mikan Mochi

Mikan is a citrus fruit known for its intense tang and sweetness. Both Milan juice and peel are used to flavor this mochi, guaranteeing big flavor. A touch of iyokan—another Japanese citrus fruit—is also used in the mochi to balance the sweetness with a bit of bitter flavor.

We can’t get enough of this mochi’s chewy, tender texture and fresh flavor. Bokksu members also rave over the fruity taste and smell of Mikan Mochi.

Cocoa Funwari Nama Chocolate Ganache Mochi

Chocolate-lovers will enjoy this cocoa-covered mochi! It’s also filled with a luscious chocolate ganache—a type of chocolate whipped cream—making it a true indulgence without being too sweet.

The perfect mix of chocolate flavor and chewy mochi texture, we recommend savoring this intense chocolate experience by cutting the Cocoa Funwari Nama Chocolate Ganache Mochi into pieces and enjoying it slowly—perhaps with a cup of tea.

Funwari milk mochi puffs

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Hokkaido Milk

These puffy, melt-in-your-mouth mochi are a real treat. Covered in a sweet, creamy Hokkaido milk coating, these mochi look like snow and taste like heaven.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Hokkaido Milk stands out among other mochi thanks to their crisp, airy texture. Bokksu members have called Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Hokkaido Milk everything from “delightful” and “amazing” to “really delicious” and “must-buy.”

Boasting the perfect balance between texture and flavor, nothing satisfies a snack craving quite like a mochi. Whether you prefer chocolatey or fruity flavors, there’s a Japanese mochi snack for you. Don’t just take our word for it—go for a fan-favorite mochi snack and celebrate the end of 2020 with one of the year’s most popular mochi.

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