A Guide To Japanese Home Décor

by Courtney Thompson

Revamping your home design and adding some new pieces can be a great way to freshen up your living space, and there are a lot of great ways to incorporate Japanese home décor into your life. Whether you want to make a small change to your space or decorate an entire room, Japanese home décor can give you some great inspiration! As the weather warms up, you may be looking to redo your outdoor space as well, and Japanese garden décor can offer some wonderful, easy-to-incorporate design ideas!

A Guide To Japanese Home Décor

Japanese décor is all about balance and simplicity. What’s most noticeable about this style of interior design is that everything in a space is cohesive and looks very clean. However, this style is far from boring thanks to thoughtful accents of color and texture. Japanese home décor usually revolves around a neutral tone of whites, blacks, grays, and tans. Starting with these colors allows you to create a space that looks well-designed and makes your accent pieces really stand out.

Nature is also an important aspect of Japanese design, and there are a lot of great ways to add natural elements into your home for a touch of Japanese décor. Featuring natural wood finishes in your floors, cabinets, and furniture is a great way to incorporate Japanese home décor into your space. If you’re not redoing an entire room, consider adding some smaller elements like wicker baskets, ceramic kitchenware or art pieces, and other simple accent pieces crafted from natural materials.

If you’re looking to bring Japanese home décor to your outdoor space, there are a lot of wonderful Japanese garden décor ideas to consider. As with interior design, Japanese garden décor is all about simplicity and creating a tranquil space. Garden lanterns and water features are common pieces in Japanese garden décor because they enhance the surrounding nature in your space. You can add these elements to your existing garden or build your garden around one of both of these features.

If you want a very traditional garden space with little upkeep, creating a Japanese rock garden is a great idea. This style of Japanese garden décor creates a serene outdoor space that honors different elements of nature. The best thing about a Japanese rock garden is that, since it is a type of dry landscape, it requires much less maintenance than a traditional garden. These gardens occasionally have some green features like moss or carefully pruned bushes, but this is not a necessary element and they are never overflowing with plants and flowers. This means that Japanese rock gardens don’t require much, if any, watering and are easy to maintain.

The main components of a Japanese rock garden are rocks and sand. While this may sound simple, the sand is raked to create beautiful designs representing the movement of water and waves, and rocks are carefully placed atop to represent land. There are a lot of different ways to design your own Japanese rock garden, so the possibilities are endless and this type of Japanese garden décor can be a great way to express yourself! Another bonus of this type of Japanese garden décor is that the materials are usually less expensive than those involved in many other styles of garden décor. You can also easily change up your rock garden whenever you want to by smoothing out your sand and creating new designs, and rearranging your rocks.

Regardless of your sense of style, Japanese décor can give you some great inspiration and help you create a peaceful and beautiful space. If you want to feel more connected to nature, or just refresh your living space, consider utilizing some elements of Japanese home décor and Japanese garden décor!

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