2024 Guide to Standout Corporate Gifts: Elevate Your Business Relationships

by Nana Young

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Gone are the days when social relationships had no value in the corporate world. Modern times have seen a growing need for businesses to build relationships. If you want to strengthen bonds with clients or employees overnight, you need to get into corporate gifting.

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The concept appears simple: you show appreciation to a client or employee by offering them a gift, and they feel a sense of connection to your brand, leading to more value for your company, such as greater customer or employee retention, more referrals, improved productivity, and better client loyalty. However, it’s easier said than done. Getting the wrong gift will cause you to spend your money with little to no results. However, with the guidance we’ll provide in this post, you’ll know exactly what to buy and why it’s a good choice. This will greatly increase your chances of getting the perfect gift for corporate people. Let’s get started!


10 Best Corporate Gifts: Gourmet Experiences with Our Curated Snack Selections

What makes a good corporate gift? We interviewed dozens of executives at global brands, and our research yielded a reliable corporate-gifting formula. A good corporate gift is unique, affordable, personal, purposeful, and well-timed.

With these in mind, our team at Bokksu Boutique curated a list of the best items in our catalog that meet all of the criteria. Our list is based on the following:

  • Unique: Recipients won’t appreciate a cliche gift like custom golf balls. Hence, you won’t find any of our gifts in your regular store. All our products are sourced directly from family businesses in Japan.

  • Affordable: We included gifts under $50 and $100, so you have a variety of affordable corporate gift-giving options.

  • Personal: Your recipients will feel special, thanks to the delightful packaging of these products. We also offer personalized gift boxes for your stand-out clients and employees.

  • Purposeful: All products on our list contain items that revolve around a specific theme that you can use to your advantage.

  • Well-timed: Thanks to our free express shipping offers, we deliver as quickly as possible to help you get enough gifts for your events and anniversaries. We also offer seasonal holiday gifts.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s dive right in and explore the best corporate gifts of 2024!


1. White Strawberry Gift Box

Bokksu Boutique White Strawberry Gift Box, one of the great corporate gift ideas in this article

Getting something different from what you’re used to will always feel good, and nothing embodies that special experience more than Bokksu’s signature White Strawberries. These delicious fruits are freeze-dried and infused with white chocolate. The box is a fantastic offering any time of the year. However, it’s the perfect corporate gift to offer your Japanese clients on White Day, a special Japanese holiday that involves the sharing of white chocolate.

The White Strawberry Gift Box contains 12 pieces of infused strawberries, each nicely packaged to allow for easy sharing with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. The sweet taste of natural fruit combined with the gourmet flavors of high-quality chocolate creates a treat that will reserve a space for your brand in the heart of the recipient.


2. Korokoro Waffle Cube Gift Set

Bokksu Boutique: Korokoro Waffle Cube Gift Set

Crunchy, satisfying, and delicious, the Korokoro Waffle Cube Gift Set makes it on our list of the best gifts for corporate purposes. The second you open the set’s main package, you’re greeted with an aesthetic delight! All four boxes have colorful, unique patterns and designs that promise something exciting within. There’s a box for each waffle flavor: strawberry, maple, chocolate, and plain.

Open a box to unleash crunchy goodness in the form of waffle-shaped cookies sprinkled with sugar. The entire assortment will do well with the younger generation, as they will better appreciate the vibrant colors of the cube boxes. However, people of all ages can enjoy the treats they contain. Plus, they’re soy free!

3. Premium Japanese Fruit Sorbet

Bokksu Boutique: Premium Japanese Fruit Sorbet, one of many nice employee appreciation gifts

Are you planning a summer event? If so, we have found a corporate gift your employees and customers will love. Enter the Premium Japanese Fruit Sorbet, a refreshing collection of frozen fruit desserts. They are made from yogurt and Japanese specialty fruits. This ice cream set is the perfect gift for a hot summer day. 

Getting the sorbet ready to serve is simple: five to six shakes and 6 hours in the fridge are all you need. Choose from any of five Japanese specialty fruit flavors to enjoy, each one from a different region of the country:

  • Fuji apple from Aomori

  • Amaou strawberry from Fukuoka

  • Yuzu lemon from Setouchi 

  • Melon from Hokkaido 

  • La France pear from Yamagata

People of all ages will enjoy these sweet and healthy desserts, especially during hot weather. If they happen to be from any of those regions, you’ve hit the jackpot, because the taste of home ensures they will never forget your brand!


4. Bokksu Original Sweets Gift Basket

Bokksu Boutique: Bokksu Original Sweets Gift Basket, a smart corporate gift

This is one for lovers of flavored chocolate cookies. The Bokksu Original Sweets Gift Basket contains 17 pieces of delightful treats in six distinct flavors. It’s the ultimate gift basket to offer a large group of people. It’s also an ideal gift for executives who love to share treats among their colleagues. Either way, the affordable price of the basket means that you can repurpose the gift however you want and stay within your budget.

Of the 17 pieces, 6 are crunchy chocolate bars in orange, grape, and strawberry flavors. The basket also contains 6 white chocolate Langue de Chat cookies, 3 Amaou strawberry cookies, and 2 milk pudding cakes. All of the sweets have been packaged in a basket that reflects authentic Japanese traditions.


5. Elegant Almond Sweets Gift Set (Sold Out)

Bokksu Boutique: Elegant Almond Sweets Gift Set

The Elegant Almond Sweets Gift Set is another option that promises to be a hit among the sweet tooths in your corporate environment. Stun them with an assortment of almond sweets. Having 18 individually-packaged pieces, the set is great for sharing among a large group or gradually eating over an extended period of time. The gift set contains a diverse range of sweet cakes to keep you excited about what to try next. All of the almonds used were grown in California, which means they’re healthier and more nutritious than regular almonds, a subtle touch that the recipient is sure to appreciate.

6. The Japanese Tea Box

Bokksu Boutique: The Japanese Tea Box, one of many gift sets in our website

Japan may be famous for its tea, but there are too many vendors claiming to produce the best. We set out on a quest to find the tastiest traditional tea in Japan. The Japanese Tea Box is the result of this quest, and we are extremely proud to bring it to you. The box contains 14 different types of tea, ranging from matcha tea to hojicha latte. The box focuses on a variety of green tea from Japan but includes several sweet variants for the perfect balance. If you have a client or employee who enjoys meeting you for tea, they will love getting the tea box as a corporate gift.


7. The Treat Yourself Box

Bokksu Boutique: The Treat Yourself Box

What’s better than encouraging your employees to take a break? The answer is in The Treat Yourself Box. This gift not only sends a message of relaxation but actually helps the recipient cool off during the holidays. Below is a list of the items in the box:

  • Mug

  • Incense

  • Multi-care balm

  • Face masks

  • Bath tablets

  • Washcloth

  • Matcha green tea

  • Milk chocolate

It’s the perfect combo of tasty edibles and relaxation enhancers, and is the perfect gift to offer someone before a weekend getaway. You can send it to your employees and clients as a holiday gift.


8. The Japanese Savory Snack Box

Bokksu Boutique: The Japanese Savory Snack Box

This is filled with authentic delights straight from Japan. From umami-flavored ramen to creamy cheese crackers, The Japanese Savory Snack Box is the ideal gift for lovers of instant meals. It’s perfect for all ages, and contains an impressive variety of items, making it one of the most versatile gifts on our list.

With 15 different snack options available in the box, you can supply that client with enough savory treats to last them several days or weeks. Those are days in which they consistently remember your company in appreciation, while munching on the delicious treats. You can’t go wrong with this one!


9. Yokohama Arare Set and Tenugui

Bokksu Boutique: Yokohama Arare Set and Tenugui, hottest corporate gifts

The Yokohama Arare Set contains packets of bite-sized Japanese rice crackers. The umami-rich treats come in four flavors of crunchy goodness. They pair well with beer, so you might want to consider that when deciding who to give. Included in the gift set is a tenugui (traditional Japanese hand towel). The cotton fabric is wrapped around the box of yummy treats. This is essentially a 2-in-1 gift! They can keep the tenugui  in the house or office, which is great for your brand because it keeps you on their minds.

10. Sakura Snacks Gift Box

Sakura Snacks Gift Box - Notebook option

Indulge your colleagues and clients with the exquisite flavors of Japan through our Bokksu Boutique Sakura Snacks Gift Box.Elevate your corporate gifting game with this beautifully curated selection of premium Japanese snacks, meticulously sourced to capture the essence of springtime bliss. From delicate sakura-flavored treats to savory delights infused with the finest ingredients, each bite transports recipients on a culinary journey through Japan's vibrant culture. Perfect for expressing appreciation or marking special occasions, this gift box offers a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Treat your business associates to a taste of Japan's culinary treasures and make your next corporate gifting gesture truly unforgettable.


Conclusion: Crafting Memorable Corporate Connections

Group of Business People in Office Building

For maximum impact, you need to select unique corporate gifts that not only stand out but also foster meaningful connections. Your business gifts should reflect your company's vision and values. A good way to achieve this is to only select gifts that are unique, affordable, personal, purposeful, and well-timed - our five-point criteria for corporate gift-giving. Also, avoid slapping your company logo on every item in a gift box. Keep it light and personal.

Do you prefer to give merchandise rather than food? Bokksu Boutique also has hundreds of interesting merchandise with customizable gift boxes. Feel free to browse our catalog for more unique corporate gift ideas. Let’s help you build solid business relationships in 2024!

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