February Unboxed: Western-Style Japanese Confections

by Danny Taing

At Bokksu, we believe in being transparent about our product so that users can make informed decisions about our service. Starting from today, we will post the current month's Tasting Guide after all subscribers have received their boxes. Tasting Guides contain information about the delicious snacks of the month and the artisanal shops that produce them. They also include a recommended tea pairing to enhance that month's flavors.

Without further ado, we are happy to present February's Tasting Guide! For ease of reading, the image text is also written below:

february 2016 tasting guide

february 2016 tasting guide

Tokyo Rusk

Established in 1996 in Tokyo, Tokyo Rusk produces many different flavors of rusks, which are crispy twice baked baguette slices topped with sugar, chocolate, and other sweets. Though rusks are rarely found in the States, they are very popular in Japan.

Premium Almond Rusk

Premium Almond Rusk

Although at first glance this rusk looks similar to a biscotti, after taking one bite, you will immediately taste the difference. Instead of a dense cookie flavor, this almond rusk has a light buttery taste that crumbles into your mouth and is followed up with a sprinkling of sugar and almond crunches as a pleasant lingering aftertaste.


Established in 1973 in Tokyo, Boul’Mich takes its name from the famous street in Paris, Boulevard Saint-Michel, where the founder Kikujirou Yoshida once lived close to while studying French confectionery. Boul’Mich is known for its luxurious and flavorful French cakes, souffles, and baumkuchen.

Gateaux Souffle

Gateaux Soufflé

Soufflé in French means “to puff up”, which is encapsulated well with these fluffy and delicate cakes. Both the cheese and chocolate soufflés infuse your mouth with a light deliciousness with every bite.

Yoku Moku

Established in 1942 in Tokyo by Noriichi Fujinawa, Yoku Moku soon set itself apart from other Japanese confectionaries by baking with plenty of butter instead of margarine, which was popular at the time for its cost efficiency and long shelf life. As a result, Yoku Moku cookies all have a distinctive rich flavor that crumbles into one’s mouth on every bite.

The origin of the company’s name is actually from a small town in northern Sweden called Jokkmokk.



The very first confection produced by Yoku Moku in 1969, Cigare has become its flagship product due to its light butter-vanilla taste and attractive rolled, crepe-like appearance.

Billet au chocolat au lait

Billet au Chocolat au Lait

Thin, butter-vanilla cookies folded over and covered in milk chocolate.

billet aux amandes chocolat

Billet aux Amandes Chocolat

Thin, butter-vanilla cookies folded over with a milk chocolate base and topped with almond slivers.

Tea Pairing

We recommend you drink a flavorful black tea such as Earl Grey to further enhance the flavor profiles of each Western-style confection in this month's Bokksu.

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